~ Friday, January 04, 2002
well friday some thing rely happened !
I was thinking of how I wished that I code finde a aprtment in town and how much easier thigs would be then.
with school friends and the new curch am attending.
so i started to write down the + fore moving in to town and the -
I came up with 33 pluses. and only 7 minus.
I was chocked what i had turned down when i was asked if i wanted the apartment at tha old nursing school.
well i prayed some and turned to God. he told me it was ok,and if i only tried to live in the spirit of him he would help me get a apartment in town. sens am quite familiar with hes time(not like my time system) i thought it would take a while.
we agreed i should read the bible and pray and just try to live with him by my side. on Friday morning my spiritual aunty called and told my mom that she had potten up a note in the church fore metrying to get hold of a apartment or a room in the town.
and she got a number that she dident know anything a bout.but she told us to call cause she had a good feeling a bout it.
so we did and it turned out to be a rely nice girl looking fore some one that could rent here room while she would go out on missionery mission fore two months.
we talked some and decided to take a look at the apartment tomorrow. I can't belive God is doing this fore me !
he truly is some thing the one and the only.Love in him/Ela
~ Saturday, December 29, 2001
Its the first sunday after Christmas,Am upp early b/c I can't sleep .
I have been up sens 3:00 turning and twisiting a round in bed.
Its to hot, the night shirt nags,or am thirsty its always some thing.
its 8:00 now and am going to get ready for church soon.
I want to give you a little introduction:

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